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Workspace Experience & Strategy

Unlock the power of your workplace with user-centered design, delivery and management services. Drive business strategy, inspire human performance and increase employee engagement.


Deep Expertise

Dynamic organisations demand high-performing, integrated workspaces that meet employee expectations and strategic business objectives. Our team consists of experts in workplace strategy and transformation, change management and communication, as well as occupancy and change management. 

We can identify potential gaps in real estate, enhance employee satisfaction, effectively manage through change, and align culture and processes to deliver an integrated workspace experience.

Holistic Approach throughout the Space Lifecycle

Our approach ensures that the experience with and within the work environment will drive creativity, cooperation and well-being by adopting a new way of thinking about people, space and behavior. 

We apply design thinking methodology that enables you to continuously improve your unique workspace experience by establishing feedback loops and offering our expert insights along the way.

Integrated Solutions and Actionable Strategies

Our aim is to guide you through transformation and prepare you and your company to adapt to changes effectively resulting in a psychologically inclusive and user-friendly workspace. We deliver our service by utilising the combined knowledge of related service lines. Our recommendations are based upon the industry’s largest portfolio of spatial and cost benchmarks to provide clarity and help you implement with confidence.


Understand and design your workspace experience

  • Workplace Experience and Strategy – Define the exact requirements for your future workplace through user-centric research
  • Change Management – Prepare your people to lead, adopt and sustain change
  • Occupancy Management – Adapt your new workplace to meet future demands
  • Workplace Wellbeing – Provide a holistic approach to employee health and comfort
  • Design – Translate your strategy and culture into the working environment
  • Workplace Technology – Ensure technology supports a seamless work experience

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