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Omnichannel Real Estate Solutions

Keep up with the rapid evolution of retail by rethinking your store footprints, reworking your supply chains, and reevaluating the ways consumers engage with your product.

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Our full-service retail offering is integrated with our full-service industrial offering to help you improve your brand, experience and service through optimised supply chains, connected footprints and efficient operations. Our 1,400+ dedicated retail and industrial specialists help you meet consumer expectations with logistics spend, determining the optimal flow of product between retail and industrial channels.

Optimal Retail Footprint

Today’s retailers need multiple effective and efficient channels to satisfy customers who want to shop, experience and return products anywhere, at any time.

  • Click-collect Stations
  • Online Marketplace
  • Flagship Store
  • Big Box Store
  • Retail Website
  • Neighborhood Store
  • Pop-up Store

Optimal Distribution Network

This requires retailers to balance consumer expectations with logistics and transportation, inventory, experience and cost—and to manage a consistent consumer brand.

  • Regional Distribution Hub
  • Infill Depot
  • Cross Dock
  • Big Box Distribution Center
  • Air, Rail & Boat Freight
  • Last-Mile Transit
  • Courier Services

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