As the leader in commercial real estate services, CBRE Real Estate Accounting Services (REAS) offers world-class accounting solutions customized to meet each client’s sophisticated accounting needs. CBRE’s Real Estate Accounting Services’ expertise is unmatched by any other service provider, delivering an innovative, client-focused approach to all accounting and financial reporting processes. 

Real Estate Accounting Services is centralized in the CBRE Memphis Center of Excellence, which encompasses more than 200 accounting professionals who support more than 100 clients that represent 80+ million square meter.



Our experienced team of highly skilled real estate financial professionals is dedicated to the philosophy of ACCOUNTABILITY. We value our client relationships and look to strengthen our partnerships by understanding each client’s business needs and requirements. We look to co-create world class financial solutions, and provide transparency in the scope of services requested by every client. 

REAS in Hungary


As the worldwide leader in commercial real estate, CBRE Hungary’s Real Estate Accounting Services group offers professional accounting and financial reporting solutions customised to meet each client's wide array of sophisticated accounting needs.

For all organisations that need high quality property accounting advice, CBRE has a breadth and depth of knowledge on SPV accounting. We believe our experience of accounting for unique property transactions gives CBRE the leading edge for property accounting over all other accountancy firms.

In Hungary, Real Estate Accounting Services offers our capabilities and resources to manage and / or support your internal projects and initiatives. The experienced professionals of the Hungarian Accounting Team provide high quality services to shopping centres, office buildings, as well as industrial buildings in real estate accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, taxation and reporting tasks, including more than 400 tenants.

Our integrated IT solution provides Asset Management, Property Management and SPV Accounting all in one integrated package that it is specifically geared towards the real estate sector and can be deployed across several countries.

Your benefit:

  • Significant cost savings and competitive advantage
  • Transparent/Flexible/Fast/Integrated Data Room and Reporting
  • Approval system module is available to the external users on the web
  • Data migration – it can be done automatically with invoices, contracts, chart of account, bank statement scanning
  • Completely rethink approach to accounting and reporting, no need for the data reconciliation between accounting and property management
  • Interconnect all possible information bits (e.g. link business transactions to postings in accounting module)