CBRE’s Portfolio and Location Advisory team identifies the best locations for your operations, employees and customers to drive your business objectives forward.

With a combination of world class analytics tools and local expertise, we’ll help you identify the leases and sites that are best aligned with your location strategy in terms of costs, target markets, government incentives and talent, optimizing your portfolio to drive commercial advantage.

As the trusted market leader in commercial real estate, our team has helped numerous clients located in 140 countries and 18,000 buildings, tracking €6.2 billion in annual rent. Overall, we’ve released a total of €1.1 billion in annual savings, €270 million of which was identified as ‘quick win’.

Portfolio advisory services

With experts spread across the EMEA region and beyond, we can provide support at a global or city level to restructure an existing portfolio, react to global political and economic events, and take advantage of long term market trends. Our specialists’ unparalleled local knowledge can also help to reduce occupancy costs, and consolidate your existing space to better align to the dynamic changes we see across corporates.

Location strategy

CBRE provides independent advice on all aspects of location strategy, identifying new areas of opportunity and configuring resources across existing sites.

When it comes to making site location plans, our Location Advisory team recognise that obtaining real estate isn’t your key driver. Instead, property serves to facilitate your core business functions – to provide products and services.

Our team focuses on the factors that can make a huge difference to business performance, such as local labour availability, cost and cost arbitrage, business environment, regulatory and risk factors, as well as transport factors and supply chain configuration. Once these crucial elements are determined the search for the ideal space begins.

Relocation services and savings

On average, the Location Advisory team can create labour savings of 20-30% when relocating within a country, and 50-70% for an international relocation.

A sustainable labour pool enables your business to expand, and we’ll also seek out access to government incentives, which can be 50% of labour or capital investment costs in Europe.