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At CBRE, we understand that accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment, which is why we offer our clients unique perspectives and access to the largest valuation database and the most valuable proprietary data in the industry.

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LKV"CBRE  Hungary has the best trained staff with a lot of International experience, moreover the valuation colleagues have access to an unprecedented amount of market data. Clients can be sure they receive a very solid advice on the value and potential of their property.

It is crucial for every valuer to have and value assets based on up-to-date market data. Due to the market knowledge of CBRE we are front-runners in Valuation. Valuation is based on trust, expertise and market knowledge. CBRE is working hard to maintain these at the highest levels."

Lóránt Kibédi Varga MRICS, Managing Director


"Our Valuation Team possesses up-to-date information of the real estate market, trends, and the dynamics of rents based on the expertise of our advisers. This knowledge is essential for providing trustworthy valuation services. CBRE has the resources."

Gergely Baka, Director, Head of Advisory & Transaction Services, Industrial 


	Judit_Varga"CBRE’s Valuation & Advisory Service is different from other valuation service options because its high standards, full transparency, RICS guidelines, delivery on time, quick response time, quality work, reachability anytime for short and long term. Having up-to-date market knowledge and intelligence is crucial to deliver a valuation report based on real and latest market data. It’s a part of reliability and credibility."

Judit Varga MRICS, Director, Head of Advisory & Transaction Services, Offices


Tim"Where CBRE has the advantage is the depth and our access to data. CBRE benefits a very strong research department which provides a more analytical and greater depth of data giving CBRE the advantage compared to the competition. We can offer an extra layer of analysis that other offices can't given our internal network, size and depth of knowledge.

If you use CBRE you get access to the whole network – which is the combination of Agency, Investment and Management experience and know-how. This broad base of knowledge and access to market touch points give a client of valuation the advantage. The markets are moving faster now than ever before. Speed of information with the use of the modern, app driven technology helps clients to get the most recent information and market trends. And the source of this advantage is raw data, which CBRE harvests.

In an ever competitive and regulated market place; compliance is essential. CBRE holds itself to the highest standards of and rules set by the various governing bodies and internal polices which are put in place to protect the client and their interests."

Tim O'Sullivan MRICS, Senior Director, Head of Capital Markets 

rics-logoRICS is the global professional body promoting and enforcing the highest international standards in the valuation, management and development of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure.

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