References in Hungary


Lear-11000Our Client is a US based multinational automotive supplier who decided to move into a modern and much bigger building than their existing one. Due to the fact that the car manufacturing plant stops production only for two weeks in the summer period, we had to find and deliver the right solution in a very short period of time so that the Client can install its machinery during the summer break. Due to the lack of available modern buildings in that region CBRE identified suitable development land and tendered the most potential developers on behalf of the Client.

20,000 sq m WAREHOUSE + 700 sq m OFFICE Lease, Confidential Client, Gyál

	GE-20000Our Client is a US based multinational company who decided to relocate their current warehouses into a modern building due to efficiency consideration. Although the limited number of available modern buildings in the requested size CBRE introduced suitable warehouses on behalf of the Client. CBRE brokered the deal and advised our Client on all aspects of the negotiation.

35,000 sq m BUILT-TO-SUIT WAREHOUSE AND PRODUCTION FACILITY, Confidential Client, Tatabánya

Confi-35000Our Client is a Danish multinational company that develops, manufactures and markets medical devices and services. Their intention was to expand their production with a new production facility. In the same time to match the extended amount of products and the increasing need of packaging and distribution space a new warehouse and logistic center became essential. CBRE provided a wide range of services starting from the evaluation of existing buildings. For the development CBRE analyzed the available locations and selected the most suitable site. After the Developer tendering CBRE advised the land sale and Lease Procurement with the selected developer.

10,900 sq m WAREHOUSE + 1,400 sq m OFFICE Lease, Confidential Client, Budapest

	Confi-10900Our Client is a well-known global pharmaceutical company who mandated CBRE to renegotiate their lease agreement or either find a suitable warehouse for relocation. After thorough market research, technical discussion and a number of negotiations, it turned out that the most suitable solution is renewal. CBRE acted on behalf of the Client and achieved flexible lease terms with favourable incentives.

20,000 sq m BUILT-TO-SUIT WAREHOUSE DEVELOPMENT, Rudolph Logistik, Győr

	Rudolph-20000Our Client is the internal logistic provider of AUDI in Győr who required more warehouse space as close to the car manufacturing plant and to their existing warehouse as possible. Due to the lack of existing warehouses there they decided to conclude a long term lease for a BTS building. CBRE has identified and secured the land and has tendered the most suitable local and international developers.

5,300 sq m WAREHOUSE Lease, Havi, Gyál

Havi-5300Havi is a logistics provider who provides wide range of services like supply chain management, packaging, warehousing and distribution to McDonald’s, Shell and other known companiesDue to the gradual growth of the business, Havi has required additional warehouse space near their HQ in Gyál. CBRE was acting on behalf of the landlord after having introduced the market opportunities to the client.

sq m WAREHOUSE Lease, InterCars, Szigetszentmiklós

Intercars-7100InterCars is the biggest importer and distributor of automotive spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Middle and Eastern Europe. InterCars was looking for a modern warehouse for logistic operation with a motorway connection to supply mainly their local clients. The selection process lasted more than a year and InterCars signed at a Prologis building that was already under construction therefore the enquiry was customized to the special needs. CBRE acted on behalf of Prologis as well as introduced other solutions.

7,700 sq m WAREHOUSE Lease, EMAG Hungary, Üllő

EMAG-7700EMAG is a professional trader company in E-commerce business field who looked for appropriate warehouse solution to establish its logistics background to be able to supply its customers perfectly. Due to the lack of suitable property in the requested location CBRE introduced adequate warehouse solution on behalf of the Client. CBRE supported EMAG to achieve the most competitive lease conditions to take over 2 units of warehouse area with different lease start date.

4,300 sq m WAREHOUSE + 400 sq m OFFICE Lease, Daejung, Páty

Daejung-4300Our Client is a Korean production company active in automotive industry who decided to set up a new facility in Hungary. Daejung runs their business with plastic injection molding machines therefore their requirement was a modern and representative building with high bearing capacity crane. The Client had to meet tight deadlines in order to initiate production as soon as possible. CBRE has identified appropriate buildings in a timely manner and advised the Client on all aspects of the negotiation. 

5,900 sq m MANUFACTURING HALL Sale, TAMMERNEON, Biatorbágy

Tammerneon-5900Tammerneon, an illuminated sign manufacturer company originated from Finland was looking for a solution to sell it’s manufacturing hall after shutting down the production. The property was sold to an Investor thanks to the property advisor activities of CBRE.

3,800 sq m WAREHOUSE Lease, Gebrüder Weiss, Győr

Gebrüder-3800Gebrüder Weiss, the Austrian logistic service operator was looking for a modern warehouse that is suitable for their West-Hungarian x-dock operation and to serve one of their automotive client. The basic requirement was to find a small warehouse that is equipped with at least 3 docking gates. CBRE brokered the deal and advised VGP on all aspects of the negotiation. Gebrüder Weiss leased a warehouse unit at VGP that provides them 4 docking gates.

11,000 sq m MANUFACTURING HALL Lease, GLH, Székesfehérvár

GLH-11000GLH is the biggest textile recycler company in the CEE region who was increased its capacity therefore they were looking for a new Built-To-Suit or existing building to lease. CBRE acted for GLH in the site selection and the developer tendering process as well as in the research of existing stock in Székesfehérvár.

5,000 sq m WAREHOUSE + 500 sq m OFFICE Lease, Media Markt, Budapest

MediaMarkt5000Our Client is the market leader of home electrical products retailer in Hungary who and its logistic operator required more warehouse space for their webshop department. Due to the strong competition of available buildings they decided to conclude a lease for an existing warehouse that offered tailor-made solutions. CBRE has identified the most suitable location meeting Media Markt’s expectations in terms of rent fee and quality.

12,000 sq m WAREHOUSE Lease, Gebrüder Weiss, Biatorbágy

	Gebrüder-12000Gebrüder Weiss is an Austrian logistic service provider who were looking for an existing 12,000 sq m warehouse near Budapest. CBRE brokered the deal and advised Rozália Park on all aspects of the negotiation.