• The first week of the reopening (18 24 May) recorded a recovery in footfall (by 62.5%
compared with the value recorded for the same period in 2019), a particularly
encouraging result considering the limitations on travel between regions and the fact
that 18% of businesses are still closed.
• During the second week of the reopening, the footfall continued to increase, reaching
72.3% of last year's volumes, followed by an even more marked recovery in turnover.
• According to a recent survey conducted by CBRE, cleanliness, safety, compliance with the
rules and entry control are now the focus of consumer attention. There is also a need for
greater integration with e commerce for Click & Collect and delivery services and the use
of new payment methods.
• The initiatives most requested by consumers are discounts and promotions and the most
desired initiatives are outdoor activities and services dedicated to couples with children.