The growing importance of smart technologies, IoT-powered devices, Big Data, Industry 4.0, 5G and cloud computing has led to DCs taking on a more prominent role in businesses in recent times. The rising data consumption patterns witnessed after the COVID-19 outbreak have underscored the growth potential of this emerging segment.

The increasing need for data storage is expected to result in a substantial addition to the DC stock over 2020-21, which would lead to the country’s DC capacity crossing 600 MW. Along with rising end-user demand, CBRE expects the DC sector to benefit from investors’ emerging preference for assets providing stable income streams. CBRE’s 2020 Asia Pacific Investor Intentions Survey found that about 30% of respondents across the region are considering investing in DCs in 2020, a substantial increase from 18% recorded in the previous year.

This report, ‘Data Centres - The Next ‘Charged Up’ Wave’, underlines the various demand drivers for the DC segment, the present DC landscape in India and the short- and long-term trends that could prevail in the DC segment of the Indian RE market.